Photographing Two Couples at Once

Though it doesn’t happen very often, I have run into situations where I had two couple to photograph at the same time. And although this originally sounds like a fantastic way to save time, if you aren’t organized, it can become a nightmare! Just imagine trying to drive two cars at the same time down the same road without REALLY planning out what you’re going to do… It’s just quite simply not a great idea and the whole thing would likely turn into one giant wreck! So,

1. Create a plan

When you are doing things with multiple couples, you are essentially cutting your photography time with each couple in half. In light of this, how do you get more photographs? Create a plan! A couple should feel like you know exactly what you are doing at every moment and more importantly, YOU should know what you are doing at every moment.

2. Catch couples when they don’t think you’re photographing them

This is a stylistic choice but I have found that some of my favorite photographs have come out of the candid moments in between posed photographs. There’s something extremely appealing about the natural way couples interact when they don’t think they are being watched. After posing one couple, simply turn and grab some shots of the couple who doesn’t think you’re looking.


3. Make sure to switch between couples often

Obviously, this step ensures that both couples feel appreciated. What you don’t want to do is spend so much time on one couple that the other feels like flies on the wall. Everyone needs to be satisfied and comfortable at all times.

4. Take time to take photos of them together.

You have two couples, so why not end with some wonderful two couples photos. In doing so, it allows the couples to build back a little energy they’ve lost and there are simply some cute ideas you just can’t do with only one couple.

5. Shoot the two couples at different locations

No couple wants their photos to look EXACTLY like everyone else’s because each couple is different and wants to be portrayed in their own unique way. If you have two different couples, try really hard to dedicate a location to one couple! This also ties back into #3, as doing different locations allows each couple to feel like they have their own part in the experience.



If you’d like to see more of how the day went, here are a few of my favorites!



















Well that is it for today! Have a great week everyone! Remember, you cannot control everything about Mondays, but you can control how you react and feel about them.

To God be the glory,

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