EMT Basics, Engagement, & Proactivity

I photographed my first engagement of 2016! THANK GOODNESS for warmer weather!!! [Check it out here]


I TRIED to vote… As it was much first time attempting though, I didn’t realize that I had to go to ONE specific location to put my vote in. Needless to say… I don’t have a sticker……


I took the “practical” portion of my EMT Basic test and although I froze and forgot to splint an obviously broken arm, I’m PRETTY sure I passed. Next stage towards PA school hopefully done! [UPDATE as of today, I PASSED]


On that note, Wednesday was my last night of EMT-B school! I just got twelve more hours added back into my week.


A new book arrived in the mail! “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I’m already a fourth of the way through it and I’m loving every word. This week I’m working on being a more proactive person, seeing my life as a constant generator of possible progress. I have the power to choose how I react with the circumstances around me and I am daily choosing to get stuff done!


I took my second Chemistry test and got somewhere between a 70 and 100%! Gotta love multiple choice!


I went line dancing till 1:00am. I have discovered with finality that sleep is very important to me and I do not enjoy lacking it.


And I have 930 trophies on Clash Royale!


Have a great week everybody!

To God be the glory,

daniel jackson


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